Aldrich Killian's insurrection plot

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Aldrich Killian's insurrection plot is an unofficial name given to a prolonged period of bombings and skirmishes that occurred throughout 2013[1] orchestrated by Aldrich Killian in an attempt to seize control of the United States. The bombings were a series of failed explosions as a result of the Extremis program, and covered up by Advanced Idea Mechanics. Using the threat of a manufactured terrorist known as the "Mandarin", Killian was able to deceive the general public into believing that the bombings were intentionally planned.

Killian was ultimately stopped by Tony Stark, who, upon investigating the bombings, found that Killian had attempted to cover up the failures of the Extremis program. Killian was ultimately killed in the Battle on the Norco.

Battles and bombings[edit | edit source]

Initial bombings[edit | edit source]

Prior to the bombing of the Ali Al Salem Air Base, eight bombings were supposedly committed by the Mandarin. In response to the bombing of the Ali Al Salem Air Base, President Matthew Ellis announced a rebrand of War Machine's armor, with the armor being painted red, white, and blue and War Machine being renamed to Iron Patriot.

Bombing of the Ali Al Salem Air Base[edit | edit source]

On the morning of December 20, 2012, the Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait was attacked. Announcing the attack, American airwaves were hijacked to broadcast a message from the Mandarin comparing the bombing to the Sand Creek massacre in 1864.

Destruction of the Chinese Theater[edit | edit source]

Two days later, acting on a suspicion he had for Killian's men, Tony Stark's bodyguard, Happy Hogan, followed Eric Savin, an Extremis user, to the TCL Chinese Theatre. A malfunction in Extremis caused Jack Taggart, another Extremis user, to explode. Hogan sustained much of the injuries from the attack, although Hogan was rushed to the Los Angeles Mercy Hospital. While leaving the hospital, Stark, enraged, revealed to the Mandarin his home address in Malibu, California.

Destruction of Tony Stark's mansion[edit | edit source]

Stark's house was placed on high alert, although Maya Hansen, Stark's former lover and, unbeknownst to Stark, an employee of A.I.M., managed to enter the building. As Stark and Hansen were talking, three heavily armed helicopters surrounded Stark's mansion, with one of them firing a missile. The explosion sent Stark and Pepper Potts flying back, as Stark attempted to defend the mansion.

Battle of Rose Hill[edit | edit source]

With limited power, J.A.R.V.I.S. had sent Stark to Rose Hill, Tennessee, where Stark discovered what happened to Chad Davis, another Extremis user who had exploded in Rose Hill, killing five people, just as Savin and Ellen Brandt arrived in Rose Hill. The two engaged in a battle with Stark, resulting in the latter's death.

Execution of Thomas Richards[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to make the Mandarin seem more threatening, American airwaves were hijacked yet again, this time broadcasting a staged execution of Thomas Richards, an accountant for the Roxxon Corporation. The Mandarin gave President Ellis an ultimatum: call the Mandarin within 30 seconds, or Richard dies. Ellis ultimately called the Mandarin, but Richard appeared to be executed regardless.

Infiltration into Aldrich Killian's mansion[edit | edit source]

J.A.R.V.I.S. managed to track the Mandarin broadcasts to Aldrich Killian's mansion in Miami, Florida; Stark traveled to Miami and infiltrated his mansion, discovering that the Mandarin was a fake persona created by A.I.M., although not before being knocked out by Savin.

Tied up, Stark watched Killian explain that he had already subjected Potts to Extremis, causing Hansen to rebel against Killian; Killian shot Hansen dead. Using pieces of his Mark XLII armor, Stark managed to escape Killian's mansion, although Savin had already left with the Iron Patriot armor.

Attack on Air Force One[edit | edit source]

Stark reunited with James Rhodes as the two plotted to save Ellis from Air Force One, as Savin had boarded the plane, intending to kidnap him. Stark, donning the Iron Man armor, flew up to Air Force One and fought with Savin, saving the passengers and crew aboard Air Force One in the process.

Battle on the Norco[edit | edit source]

Stark and Rhodes traced Killian to the Norco, and fought against the Extremis Soldiers aboard the ship, using the Iron Legion as backup. Potts was ultimately able to kill Killian as he was about to kill Stark.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Both Trevor Slattery and Vice President Rodriguez, the latter of which had attempted to conspire against Ellis to save his daughter using Extremis, were arrested, and Rodriguez was impeached. Ellis would not be reelected in the 2016 presidential election, instead being replaced by Donald Trump.[2]

Potts was able to be cured of Extremis by Stark, while Stark would destroy all of his suits in the Clean Slate Protocol as a result of the war and its toll on Potts.

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