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Aldrich Killian was the founder and CEO of Advanced Idea Mechanics. In 1999, Killian approached Stark with funding his think-tank, Advanced Idea Mechanics. Although Stark seemed interested in Killian's think-tank, Stark took a larger interest in Maya Hansen's work on what would come to be known as Extremis. In the years that followed, Killian would grow to resent Stark and hired Hansen as the chief architect of the Extremis program at Advanced Idea Mechanics.

By 2012, Killian had rehabilitated his image, undergoing facial surgery and growing Advanced Idea Mechanics to a large corporation. Killian began a plan to overthrow the United States government. Killian conspired with Vice President Rodriguez to stage a series of explosions caused by the Extremis program as terrorist attacks. Killian enlisted the failed actor Trevor Slattery in serving the role of the "Mandarin", a terrorist modeled after the real Mandarin. Killian was eventually killed during the Battle on the Norco by Pepper Potts.

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