Battle on the Norco

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The battle on the Norco was a battle between Tony Stark and James Rhodes and Aldrich Killian in the former's plan to rescue Matthew Ellis from the Norco following his kidnapping. The battle was the culmination of Aldrich Killian's War, an eight month long campaign by Killian to terrorize the United States.

Upon arriving on the Norco, Stark called upon the Iron Legion to assist in fighting the Extremis soldiers aboard the ship, while Rhodes worked towards exfiltrating Ellis off of the Norco. Killian was ultimately killed by Pepper Potts.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Shortly after taking Ellis to the Norco using the Iron Patriot armor, Stark and Rhodes infiltrated into the Norco. The two then did some reconnaissance from the ground, identifying some Extremis soldiers on the ship.