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Vormir from space.

Vormir is a planet at the center of Celestial existence.

History[edit | edit source]

Vormir was created as a result of the Big Bang to hold the Soul Stone.

Red Skull was selected as the keeper of the Soul Stone as part of his banishment from Earth in 1945.

As part of the Infinity War, Thanos visited the planet upon discovering the Soul Stone's location. Thanos then sacrificed Gamora to obtain the stone.

Alternative universes[edit | edit source]

Vormir has been involved in various alternative universes. As part of the Time Heist, Clint Barton had to sacrifice Natasha Romanoff to obtain the stone. Steve Rogers, Red Skull's adversary, later returned the stone to Vormir.

A mysterious and unexpected event occurred in 2301, requiring the timeline to be pruned by the Time Variance Authority.

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