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Odin Borson was the third king of Asgard. The son of Bor, the second king of Asgard, Odin ruled Asgard ruthlessly. Over time, Odin learned to rule benevolently, and raised Thor and Loki.

As the king of Asgard, Odin started a second Dark Elf conflict following the death of his wife, Frigga, at the hands of the Dark Elves, vowing revenge against them. Following the second Battle of Svartalfheim, Loki tricked Odin into relinquishing his power to Loki, who sent Odin to New York City. Odin's prolonged absence from Asgard and his old age led to his eventual death and the fading of the Odinforce, resulting in Hela, whom Odin had fought side-by-side with prior to raising Thor, being released from Hel.

Personality[edit | edit source]

I have sacrificed much to achieve peace. So, too, must a new generation sacrifice to maintain that peace. Responsibility, duty, honor. These are not merely virtues to which we must aspire. They are essential to every soldier and to every king.
— Odin

Family[edit | edit source]

Loki (adopted) †
Love (adopted)

Predecessor Title Successor
Bor King of Asgard Loki