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Stark Industries is a multinational industrial and technology company. The largest technology company in the world, Stark was founded by Howard Stark in 1939. Following Stark's death in 1991, Obadiah Stane served as the company's interim CEO. Stark's son, Tony Stark, took over the company a few months later.

With Stark at the helm, Stark Industries became the chief weapons contractor for the United States government. The company's weapons division, its largest, was shut down in 2010 following Stark's kidnapping by the Ten Rings. Stark relinquished control of the company to Pepper Potts in the months that followed. The headquarters for Stark Industries are located in Los Angeles, California, at the Stark Industries headquarters.

History[edit | edit source]

Stark Industries was founded by Howard Stark approximately in 1939, as a weapons company. The company was primarily a contractor for the United States military, and helped create the machinery used in Project Rebirth. Under Stark's leadership, the company became a successful weapons contractor.

As far back as 1943 and up until 1973, the company has held an annual expo, known as the Stark Expo, where it presents future concepts and designs; Stark Expo 1943 famously featured a flying car on exhibit.

Following Stark's assassination in 1991, Tony Stark, Stark's son, was set to be the next CEO of Stark Industries. Obadiah Stane served as the interim CEO of Stark Industries in the months that followed.

Tony Stark's leadership[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Iron Man.

Under Tony Stark's leadership, Stark Industries experienced immense success and growth. Stark became the youngest CEO to inherit a Fortune 500 company.

Stark Industries was involved in various wars and conflicts due to their dealings with the United States government until 2010. In 1999, a bomb manufactured by Stark Industries hit a building in Sokovia. Some years later, Thaddeus Ross would request a Stark Sonic Cannon in order to hunt down Bruce Banner.

In 2009, while presenting the Jericho missile to the United States Army, Stark was ambushed and kidnapped by the Ten Rings on orders by Stane. Stark's kidnapping resulted in Stark seeing his weapons used by terrorists. Stark, upon returning home to the United States, immediately and abruptly shut down production of Stark Industries weapons indefinitely. The press conference resulted in worldwide press attention and Stark Industries' stock immediately fell.

Pepper Potts' leadership[edit | edit source]

Following Stark's revelation that the palladium powering his Arc Reactor was slowly poisoning him, Stark appointed Pepper Potts, his assistant, to be the CEO of Stark Industries.

In the years that followed, Stark Industries would focus on renewable energy. In 2016, Stark gave a presentation on the September Foundation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and presented a demo of B.A.R.F..

In 2024, Quentin Beck, an engineer who works on B.A.R.F. sought vengeance on the world for Stark's disrespect for his project. Beck used various Stark Industries weapons to enact a staged plan to create a fictional superhero known as "Mysterio". Following the Battle of London and fabricated evidence of Spider-Man using Stark Industries weapons to cause the Battle of London, the United States Department of Damage Control raided the Stark Industries headquarters, but came up empty.

Assets[edit | edit source]

Stark Industries has a multitude of blueprints, designs, and products. These include the company's flagship product prior to Stark's kidnapping, the Jericho missile, combat drones, and a satellite.

The company's subsidiaries include AccuTech, Cordco, and Stark-Fujikawa.

Known employees[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Knowm employees of Stark Industries include:

Former[edit | edit source]

Former employees include: