Jane Foster

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Jane Foster was an astrophysicist and astronomer. Foster's best known scientific contribution is The Foster Theory, a book on Einstein-Rosen bridges.

Foster began as a student at Culver University studying astrophysics. In 2010, Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Erik Selvig would converge in New Mexico to study atmospheric disturbances around Puente Antiguo, only to find Thor. Foster would develop a relationship with Thor, a relationship that would continue when Foster came into contact with the Aether through the Convergence, resulting in the second Dark Elf conflict. However, Foster's relationship with Thor would end following the Ultron Offensive, and Foster would go on to improve her career as an astrophysicist.

By 2024, Foster would develop cancer, a cancer that would progress into Stage IV. Foster would seek chemotherapy, although her cancer was persistent. Seeking no other option, Foster traveled to New Asgard, where Mjolnir reassembled itself and gave itself up to Foster. Becoming Mighty Thor, Foster would fight in Gorr's deicides, defending New Asgard from Gorr the God Butcher's siege on the village. However, the effects of Mjolnir limited Foster's body from fighting the cancer, and she would die in Eternity's realm. Having died a warrior's death, Foster was taken to Valhalla.