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King Brunnhilde is the reigning sovereign of Asgard and the last remaining Valkyrie. Brunnhilde's life was saved when another Valkyrie sacrificed herself during a mission to drive Hela back to Odin's prison. Hela's counteroffensive led to the death of the Valkyries.

Defeated, Brunnhilde traveled to Sakaar and took on the identity of Scrapper-142, a bounty hunter. Through the Grandmaster, Brunnhilde would make a living off of gathering contestants for the Contest of Champions, including Thor.

Following the Battle of Earth, Brunnhilde became the king of Asgard. Upon ascending to the throne, Brunnhilde became the first ruler of Asgard not to be born into the Asgardian royal family.

Predecessor Title Successor
Thor King of Asgard Incumbent