Quentin Beck's campaign

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Quentin Beck's campaign is an unofficial name given to a campaign orchestrated by Quentin Beck, a former Stark Industries engineer, to establish Mysterio as a superhero. Beck created the Elementals to give credence to Mysterio as a legitimate superhero.

Quentin Beck's campaign coincided with Peter Parker's trip to Europe. After helping Mysterio fight Hydro-Man in the Grand Canal, Parker established himself as an ally of Mysterio and a believer in Beck's illusions. After giving control of E.D.I.T.H. to Beck, Parker realized that the Elementals were fictitious, and attempted to tell Nick Fury, to no avail.

Quentin Beck's campaign culminated in the Battle of London, a conflict between the people of London and Parker, and Quentin Beck's crew. Although Beck's attempts were unsuccessful, Beck managed to frame the incident as Parker's doing and exposed his identity as Spider-Man.