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Dwarves were one of the many races in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They lived predominantly on Nidavellir.

In stature, dwarves tend to be shorter than humans, usually being slightly above human-waist height, but considerably stockier. They often have long beards. Dwarves were known for being skilled forgers and blacksmiths, capable of creating weapons such as Mjolnir. Dwarves are close allies of the Asgardians.

History[edit | edit source]

The dwarves on Nidavellir were recognized for their smithing skills, being able to create weapons as powerful as Mjolnir; their well-regarded status made them notable throughout the galaxy. Sometime prior to 2012, the dwarves were forced to create an axe for the Asgardian Imir.

In 2015, the Titan Thanos arrived on Nidavellir. Thanos requested that the dwarves create a gauntlet capable of holding all six Infinity Stones. The dwarves obliged, but were subsequently massacred by Thanos, with the exception of King Eitri. Eitri remained on Nidavellir and helped forge Stormbreaker.

Notable dwarves[edit | edit source]