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Administrators, or sysops, are editors who have gained access to the administrator usergroup following a successful request for adminship. Access to this usergroup allows administrators to use associated tools such as the ability to block and unblock users and IP addresses from editing; protect and unprotect pages to restrict editing; delete and restore pages and images, and their history; hide specific revisions of any page or log item; assign and remove the rollback and custodian user rights; and to edit CSS and JS. A full list of of rights associated with the usergroup can be found at Special:ListGroupRights. Administrators also take responsibility for determining consensus in discussions and are automatically eligible to receive the administrator role to act as a moderator in the Discord server.

Help from administrators[edit source]

Sometimes in the course of editing content on a wiki you need access to the tools that are restricted to users who have the administrator user right: there is a central page that is monitored by the administrators where you can request assistance at Tesseract:Administrative requests. Alternatively:

For general editing help that does not require the use of administrators' tools, there is Tesseract:User help. You can also join our Discord server to gain help from other editors.

List of administrators[edit source]

Bureaucrats[edit source]

Username Talk page Contributions Log actions
Elijah (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions

Administrators[edit source]

Username Talk page Contributions Log actions
Elijah (RfA) Talk Contributions Log actions

Inactivity[edit source]

Administrators and bureaucrats who have been inactive for one year will have their rights removed. However, they may request them back any time at a later date.