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If you are reporting vandalism in progress, use this page.

What this page is for[edit source]

    • Protecting and unprotecting pages.
      Highly visible pages or content that may have links from outside websites are encouraged to have some level of protection. This should be done according to the Tesseract:Protection policy.
    • Moving protected pages and files.
      Due to misuse of the page move tool, some pages are protected from being renamed except by an administrator. If you can make a case for a page move, requests for the page move can happen here.
    • Minor edits to protected pages.
      This commonly applies to protected templates that can have a substantial impact on thousands of pages if they are changed, so caution is urged when they are modified.
    • Importing pages from another wiki.
      While seldom used for content on this wiki, this is an option that is available for bringing in content from another wiki and preserving its edit history, which requires administrator rights.
    • Hiding revisions and edit summaries.
      In the case of copyright violations, privacy violations, offensive material, etc., revisions may be hidden using Special:RevisionDelete.
    • General questions for the administrators.
      You will get a faster reply by joining our Tesseract server and asking there; however, you can still post here and the administrators will answer to the best of their abilities.

What this page is not for[edit source]

    • Requests for deletion.
      If you believe an article does not meet the wiki's standards, post on Requests for deletion. Spam, accidental page creations, and other similar issues should be tagged with {{D|Reason}}.
    • Issues that do not require administrator tools to resolve.
      Visit the user help page instead. If you're not sure if your problem requires an administrator, post it here.
    • Users who may be vandalizing pages.
      Instead, please report the user on the Counter-Vandalism Unit.
    • Requests to become an administrator.
      If you are interested in learning what administrators do and how to become one, please visit Administrators for information on the role and Requests for adminship for the process of becoming an administrator.
    • Account deletion requests.
      This is not possible.
    • Account renaming requests.
      See this page for more info.