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Files[edit source]

Sometimes files are given poor names that make them difficult to use. In order to prevent issues that may arise from files being moved, only users with administrative or custodian tools may move files. If you feel the page needs to be moved and are unable to do so, you can request it be moved should it meet the following criteria.

  • If the name is not related to the subject. Common examples of this are:
    • A series of numbers (generally a default name given to an image if taken with screen-shot taking software).
    • General spam such as "lolololol", implying that the author was not considering the importance of the name.
  • Not completely relevant to the name. For example:
    • An image of Captain America's shield should not be called "File:Captain America.PNG" because it fails to be specific enough.

Please keep in mind that you need to replace all instances of the file with the name you would like it to be moved to, or it can cause problems once the file is moved.

Pages[edit source]

There are rare occasions when users without accounts feel the need to move a page. IPs are unable to do this without an account, so they require requesting it from another user should they not be inclined to create one. Requesting page moves is acceptable should it meet the following criteria:

  • The page has been placed in the wrong namespace.
  • The page starts with a namespace title (such as Example:) when no such namespace exists.
  • There is a typo in the page name.
  • The page name is not relevant or is not fully relevant to the nature of the content, similar to the examples given above.
  • The target pagename is already occupied by a page that cannot be moved over, so requires an admin to delete the target page first
  • After moving, make sure that any links to the page have been corrected to prevent cluttering up Special:WantedPages.

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