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Pedro Ramirez[1][notes 1] was an airwoman in the United States Air Force.

Ramirez was part of Tony Stark's escort back to Bagram, Afghanistan in 2008 when Stark's convoy was attacked by the Ten Rings. Ramirez was ultimately killed in the attack.

History[edit | edit source]

File:Pedro Ramirez talking.png
Ramirez banters with Stark

In February 2008,[3] Stark presented the Jericho missile system to the United States Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Ramirez, Adam Pratt, and Jimmy Ryan were part of Ryan's escort back to Bagram. Ramirez drove the Humvee Stark was in.

The convoy was attacked by the Ten Rings in an attempt to kidnap Stark. Ramirez exited the vehicle but immediately died to gunfire.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Pedro is a Spanish masculine given name for Peter. It is presumed that the author of Iron Man, the novelization of Iron Man, was unaware of the casting of the film and chose a male name. This article reflects the novelization's naming while retaining Ramirez' female gender.[2]

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