Jabari Tribe

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The Jabari Tribe, also known as the Mountain Tribe or the J'Abari, is a large tribe of Wakandans, centralized around Gorilla City. They are a member of the Tribal Council, represented by their leader and King of Wakanda, M'Baku.

The Jabari Tribe notably oppose the use of vibranium, a resource abundant to Wakanda, and are conservative in their beliefs; they oppose the Black Panther mantle, and are distanced from the other Wakandan tribes. The Jabari Tribe worships the gorilla god Hanuman.

During Killmonger's revolution, the Jabari Tribe defended T'Challa, the reigning Black Panther, and successfully defeated Erik Killmonger. The Jabari Tribe also fought in the Battle of Wakanda and the Battle of Earth. In 2024, following the death of T'Challa, M'Baku was appointed King of Wakanda.