Adrian Toomes' crew

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Adrian Toomes' crew responding to the Battle of New York.

Adrian Toomes' crew was a group involved in Adrian Toomes' weapons trafficking operations. The name is derived from Adrian Toomes's reference to the group as a "crew". The crew was previously known as Bestman Salvage, a cleanup crew that was involved in the Battle of New York; the crew attempted to clean up the rubble caused by the Chitauri, but were replaced by the Department of Damage Control. Keeping some of the Chitauri technology, over the next few years, the crew would use the Chitauri technology to perform various heists and to sell weapons to various

History[edit | edit source]

Adrian Toomes' crew, then known as Bestman Salvage, were contracted to clean up any damage that occurred in New York City. In the wake of the Battle of New York, Bestman Salvage responded to the battle and cleaned up damage at Grand Central Station, destroyed by a Leviathan. Bestman Salvage was instructed to leave the area following the formation of the Department of Damage Control by Tony Stark. Toomes, furious, left the area with his men.

Realizing that the crew still had various pieces of Chitauri technology, the crew built Vulture's exo-suit, an exo-suit that would later be used to steal other pieces of technology from various battles, such as the Battle of Sokovia.

In 2016, Spider-Man attempted to thwart the group's plans after seeing an arms deal take place with Aaron Davis and Jackson Brice. Spider-Man chased Brice and Herman Schultz throughout Queens. Brice's recklessness resulted in him being let go from the crew; Brice retaliated by telling Toomes he would tell his wife about the business. Toomes unintentionally killed Brice over the threat, and the group resumed their efforts.

Several days later, the crew found a buyer and scheduled to meet with him on the Staten Island Ferry. Davis gave Spider-Man the details on the deal, and Toomes fought with Spider-Man on the ferry. Toomes was also involved in the Stark cargo plane hijacking, and a duel at Coney Island. Following Toomes' arrest at Coney Island, the group dissolved.

Known members[edit | edit source]