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This page is for requesting permissions that do not require community discussion, including rollback and custodian tools. For sysop or bureaucrat tools, see requests for adminship.

Rollback[edit source]

Main article: Tesseract:Rollback

Rollback is a counter-vandalism tool that allows a user to revert all consecutive edits by the last editor of a page. This feature should only be used in reverting edits that are clearly vandalism, and any possibly good faith edits should be reverted with the undo button. This is done so that the user reverting can explain why they are reverting the edit, for the benefit of both the original editor and any other users looking through the article's history.

Requirements[edit source]

By requesting the rights, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the policies listed above. You agree not to abuse the rollback tool. You acknowledge that the community reserves the right to revoke rollback and issue a block if necessary.

Requests[edit source]

To request the rollback right, edit this section and append {{RfRb|<insert name here>}}.

Custodian[edit source]

Main article: Tesseract:Custodians

Custodians are maintenance users who are entrusted with extra tools to move files and suppress the creation of redirects when moving pages or files. Custodians are also able to view the edit summaries within deleted pages and are not affected by rate limits. Users who perform such maintenance work are expected to suppress redirects when moving any files, and clear any redlinks that their moves may have created.

Requirements[edit source]

Before requesting the rights, please make sure that you meet the requirements listed above. By requesting tools, you are agreeing not to abuse the tools in any way, including, but not limited to, random file moves, moving files to inappropriate names, or inappropriately suppressing redirects.

Requests[edit source]

To request the custodian right, edit this section and append {{RfCu|<insert name here>}}.

AutoWikiBrowser[edit source]

AutoWikiBrowser (abbreviated to AWB) is a semi-automated MediaWiki editor designed to make tedious or repetitive tasks quicker and easier. It is essentially a browser that automatically opens up a new page when the last is saved. When set to do so, it suggests some changes (typically formatting) that are generally meant to be incidental to the main change. The use of AWB at an edit rate fast enough to flood the Recent changes should be taken to a separate account designated for AWB and given the bot flag.

Requirements[edit source]

  • Read the regulations for Tesseract:AutoWikiBrowser.
  • The user account must be at least 30 days old.
  • The user must have at least 500 edits outside of the User and User talk namespaces.

By signing, you acknowledge that holding an account with a bot flag is a level of community trust, and that the flag can be revoked at any time the community finds necessary. Should your account get any additional tools beside the bot flag, you agree to uphold the same standards levied on that particular usergroup. You promise not to violate wiki policy with the bot account. You also forfeit your right to participate in community discussions with the bot account (please use your main account instead). You confirm that you have read the regulations concerning AWB accounts and agree to them. Signing below is an indication that you accept these terms and conditions.

Requests[edit source]

To request AWB access, edit this section and append {{RfAWB|Your username}}, leaving a note of what you intend to use AWB for. To request the bot flag on an AWB account, add |AWB username as a second parameter. Sysops who want to transfer sysop tools should add |sysop to the third parameter.

Instructions for bureaucrats[edit source]

  1. Discuss with the user the tasks they intend to perform using AWB.
  2. Update the list of AWB accounts and list of highlighted bots.
  3. Assign the bot right (and any other right) if requested.

Other Requests[edit source]

Requests for permissions other that those listed above, including requests for the reinstatement of tools by returning administrators can be made below.

Requests[edit source]