Iron Man's armor (Mark I)

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"Mark I" redirects here. For War Machine's first armor, see War Machine's armor (Mark I).
Mark I

Mark I of Iron Man's armor was Tony Stark's first Iron Man suit. Stark created the suit with the assistance of Ho Yinsen.

Mark I was eventually destroyed during the destruction of Tony Stark's mansion. It was succeeded by Mark II.

History[edit | edit source]

Following Stark's kidnapping by the Ten Rings, Stark devised a plan to simultaneously escape the Ten Rings compound without having to give his technology to the Ten Rings. Stark's plan was to create an armored suit capable of taking on the Ten Rings.

Stark used the Mark I to escape from the Ten Rings compound, although the confrontation with him and the Ten Rings cost Yinsen his life.

Mark I would serve as the base for the Iron Monger armor.