Hijacking of the Stark cargo plane

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The hijacking of the Stark cargo plane was part of a heist coordinated by Adrian Toomes and his crew, intended to steal high-tech and advanced technology and equipment owned by Tony Stark in order to sell them on the black market. Toomes' efforts were thwarted by Spider-Man, who crash landed the plane on Coney Island.

Background[edit | edit source]

Prior to the hijacking, Toomes had been made aware of Spider-Man's true identity—Peter Parker—through his daughter, Liz Toomes. While at homecoming, Ned Leeds, Parker's best friend, tracked Toomes at his hideout. Parker confronted Toomes there. Toomes, explaining why he chose to get into the black market weapons business, trapped Parker under rubble.

As Leeds worked towards getting Parker to Toomes' hideout, he attempted to contact Happy Hogan to inform him of Toomes' plan, to no avail.

The hijacking[edit | edit source]

After trapping Parker, Toomes flew to Avengers Tower and intercepted a Stark cargo plane containing Chitauri weaponry, parts from Ultron, and various armors from the Iron Legion.