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This style guide on page layout is a style guide used to determine the overall layout and ordering of pages.

Layout[edit source]

This project page is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

Use common sense when needed, but the following section outline describes how an article should be structured. This does not include everything, but it is an indicator of how an item article could look like. This default was made to create more consistency between articles. Although it is meant to provide a general structure, it may be deviated from if necessary.

Header[edit source]

Header templates (see Tesseract:Style guide/Wiki code#Orders for an example)

  • {{External}}
  • Line type header templates
  • Bar type header templates

Body[edit source]

Entity Examples Notes
Main infobox {{Infobox Item}}

{{Infobox Character}}

See this category for an exhaustive list.
Article introduction Captain America's shield is a shield ... The subject should be emboldened and include the most relevant information about the item in the first sentence.

Section order[edit source]

Sections should be level 2 headings and adhere to the order outlined below. Some sections may not be relevant to the article and thus should not be included.

Section name Must include Notes
Gallery <gallery></gallery>
Trivia Bulleted list
See also
References {{Reflist}}
External links

Items[edit source]


The item infobox should also be added and filled with the appropriate values, after which a short paragraph introduces the item. This does not have to be very long. Only the item infobox and the introduction are required on an item article. Inclusion of images and/or what sections are used (see below for a full list of possible sections) depends on the kind of item and is thus optional.

Images[edit source]

Images should complement the article and occasionally should supplement the article. Images should be right-aligned. However, left-alignment can be used when the right side is cluttered or when it is more fitting. Images should be of the item or where it is obtained.

Footer[edit source]