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This page in a nutshell:
Under no circumstances should users claim, or attempt to claim, ownership of any article or file on the Tesseract Wiki.

Users have no ownership over their contributions to the Tesseract Wiki. As such, users should never revert, edit, or sign articles or files in an attempt to express ownership.

In regards to signing articles or files, users should not sign any page, except for:

  • Your own userpage and associated subpages
  • Talk pages
  • Discussion pages within the Tesseract: namespace
  • Pages within the Forum: namespace (except the main index, Avengers Compound)
  • Articles that give users permission to sign them; these include TS:SIG and editors' guestbooks

Articles[edit source]

Fans who create or contribute to an article have no specific ownership over that article. After all, this is a wiki, and everything released here (excluding things already protected by copyright laws) is a collaborative effort, under the fair use rationale.

While some fan sites may list article contributors to give them credit, we are unable to do that in our articles. Because this is a site that anyone can edit, a single page may have had hundreds of different contributors. Instead of listing contributors within the article, each page maintains a history of users who have edited it (accessible through the "history" tab at the top of the page), where every contributor is listed automatically.

Files[edit source]

Users have no exclusive rights over the images and files that they upload to the wiki. As with wiki pages, other users may edit or delete your uploads if they think it serves the project. File pages also contain a File history, where every uploader is listed automatically. In some cases, this cannot be preserved as files must be re-uploaded in different formats. Even when this is the case, users may not attempt to show any ownership of the file that they uploaded.

Keep in mind that almost all images on this wiki are taken from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and are therefore property of Marvel, not you. If you have created a personal image, you may take credit for it, but it must be uploaded to an offsite hosting option, such as imgur, ImageShack, TinyPic, or Photobucket.

You may take credit for an image created outside of the MCU, provided that it is appropriate for the wiki. To do so, use {{Personal copyright}}.

Your talk page[edit source]

Bear in mind that you do not necessarily own any page on the wiki, including and especially your talk page. Your talk page is owned by the community as a means of reaching you. You still retain the right to customise your talk page to include styling that you find appealing and to archive it whenever you feel necessary, but, per TS:DDD, you have no say in what does or does not belong on your page.