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This page in a nutshell:
When creating articles about a living person, take care in using appropriate sources and respecting the person's privacy.

While this wiki covers the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are times where it is relevant to include information regarding living people, such as authors of books based on the universe, and producers/directors. To ensure that our pages not only respect the privacy of the person they may be talking about, but also have appropriate information, we created this policy.

There are many things to consider when creating a page about a living person, but there are a few core principles that must be adhered to:

  • Unless a person's full name or other private information has been disclosed publicly by the person in question, it should not be included in the page. We are not a tabloid, and we do not condone invading the privacy of any individuals that have not already made such information available themselves.
  • Any information included on an article about a living person must have came from a public source intended for a wider audience. This means that using sites such as LinkedIn as a source is forbidden, as this is only intended for a professional audience, or private social networking sites such as Facebook.

Specific cases[edit source]

Marvel[edit source]


We should take care when including information about people involved with Marvel Studios, as they do not usually wish to disclose their personal information to the community. Articles can (and should) be created about people that have made significant contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they must be written with care and with respect.

We should write articles based on the person's contribution to their time working with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our wiki is not the place to go into personal details, including past work that may have been done at another company (unless the information is already in the public eye).

Actors[edit source]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had many famous people for one reason or another.

However, actors and stunt doubles do not deserve their own pages. If a page is repeatedly re-created, it can be protected from creation.

Actors are only allowed to be mentioned in articles for a few reasons, all of which should be cited if possible. The only reasons are that the actor is:

  1. Crucial to the topic of the article.
  2. Cast out of a role, in the context of a character page, such as Thaddeus Ross.

Whenever actors are mentioned, their names may be linked to Wikipedia. Actor names should always be the name of the actor at the time of the page's topic, although deadnaming should be avoided.