Category:Pages with technically restricted titles

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Pages in this category have titles that either:

  • Contain a character or string that is restricted in MediaWiki, per mw:Manual:Page title
  • Falsely interact with MediaWiki, placing the page in an incorrect name (due to automatic capitals), namespace or subpage relationship

To remedy this, there are a few solutions:

  • Move the page to a separate but comparable name, utilising redirects and the {{DISPLAYTITLE}} magic word to make the correct name appear on the page (possibly utilizing a template to notify about the alternative page name)
  • Utilize CSS or JavaScript to hide evidence of incorrect relationships, if applicable

To add a page to this category, place {{Restricted title|comment}} at the bottom, with comment being the reason the page is included in this category. If the page is a false subpage, define the subpage parameter: {{Restricted title|comment|subpage=1}}. Only content pages (main namespace) and files should be in this category.

A list of pages with comments is available here.

This is a hidden category, which will not show on its member pages.

This category currently contains no pages or media.