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History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Sometime in the 1000s,[notes 1] Thanos was born to A'lars[1] on Titan. Belonging to the royal family on Titan, Thanos is the adoptive brother of the Eternal Eros.[2]

Fearing an overpopulation crisis on Titan, Thanos had proposed the concept of eliminating half of Titan's population in order to save the rest from starvation. This led to Thanos being exiled from Titan and his idea being labeled as mass genocide. Following an escalation of Titan's overpopulation crisis leading to the planet being devastated and considered uninhabitable, the Titan race was led into extinction with Thanos as its remaining survivor.

As a result of the decimation of the Titan race, Thanos theorized that the overpopulation crisis on Titan would occur on virtually every planet due to their limited resources. Thanos' conquest earned him a notorious reputation as an intergalactic warlord. Throughout Thanos' conquest, he was able to rule over the Sanctuary and control the armies of the Chitauri, the Sakaarans, and the Outriders, and was considered among the most powerful beings in the universe.

Traversing the Universe[edit | edit source]

Seeking to expand his army, Thanos raised various children: Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, and Proxima Midnight. These children, with Thanos, came to be known as the Black Order.

Thanos attacked the Zehoberei in an attempt to kill half of Zen-Whoberi's population. A young Gamora pushing a Chitauri soldier caught the attention of Thanos, who adopted Gamora and distracted her as Thanos and Maw executed half of the Zehoberei, including Gamora's family.

As an infant, the Luphomoid Nebula was raised by Thanos at the cost of her family. Nebula was pitted against Gamora. Due to the fact Nebula would nearly always lose, in an attempt to make Nebula a stronger assassin, Nebula's body parts would be switched out for synthetic ones.

Thanos would later require the services of The Other, who acted as Thanos' servant.

Searching for the Infinity Stones[edit | edit source]

After realizing there would be far too many life forms and planets in the universe for Thanos to correct, Thanos sought out the Infinity Stones and made it his primary purpose.[3] Locating the Mind Stone first, Thanos placed the stone in the Scepter capable of manipulating minds.

Throughout Thanos' search, Thanos told Nebula about his plan to eliminate half of the life in the universe. Upon the completion of his plan, he would retire in the Garden, believing the universe would be grateful for his actions.[4]

Discovering a potential lead on the location of the Power Stone as concealed in the Orb, Thanos sent Gamora and Nebula to locate the Orb and return it to him under Korath's command. After Nebula fell for a trap in a tomb, Thanos forbade Gamora from saving Nebula, resulting in Nebula having to amputate her own arm to escape.

Gamora was later sent on a mission to find the Soul Stone. She had discovered a map to Vormir, where the Soul Stone is located, but burned it.[5] Reporting to Thanos that she was unsuccessful in finding the Soul Stone, Thanos sensed that Gamora was lying but said nothing.[6]

Thanos later allied with Ronan the Accuser and commanded the Kree to commit several mass murders, including one that led to the death of Drax the Destroyer's family.

Chitauri Invasion[edit | edit source]

During the Chitauri invasion, after discovering the Tesseract containing the Space Stone was located on Earth, Thanos allied with Loki and tasked him with returning the Tesseract with the Scepter and some Chitauri soldiers.

Loki's conquest culminated in the Battle of New York, resulting in Iron Man destroying the Chitauri mothership and Loki and the Tesseract being sent to Asgard, while the Scepter ended up in the possession of Hydra. Following the Avengers' victory, Thanos began researching them and took special interest of Tony Stark.[7]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Thanos was around 1,000 years old between 2014 and 2018, making the most likely date of his birth sometime in the early 1000s.

References[edit | edit source]

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