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This page in a nutshell:
Information posted in trivia sections of articles must be proven and unsuitable for other parts of the article. If in doubt, leave it out.

Most additions to trivia sections are random bits of information, true and false, that people add because they may seem interesting. Unfortunately, a lot of these additions are subjective, not notable, misplaced, and often false. Miscellaneous trivia should only be added to articles if it meets the criteria listed below.

Misplaced trivia[edit source]

Information that can be placed in the main body of an article must be included there. Important or notable information can oftentimes be included in the main body of articles. If the statement cannot be placed in the main body of an article without seeming to be out of place, then the addition is most likely unnecessary. Furthermore, any obvious statements of fact should be avoided in trivia sections. Additionally, trivia sections should not be created if there are no other sections on the article.

For example:

Iron Man defeated Thanos.
This can very well and should be included in the first paragraph of information about tormented demons.

Repeated information[edit source]

Any information mentioned in the body of an article may not be placed in the trivia section. Repeating information is redundant and pointless. If the information can be easily found in the text of the article, adding it as miscellaneous trivia merely clogs up the article with unnecessary bullet points.

For example:

Thanos killed half the universe.
This is obvious, and it should already be mentioned in the article.

Article relevance[edit source]

Statements that do not directly relate to the article should be removed. If a piece of trivia only partially relates or does not relate at all to the article on which it is placed, it should be removed. If a character is an obvious reference to a famous individual, such a statement should be included on the character's page, not the media article as well.

Ordinality[edit source]

Whether or not an item, character, or other facet of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the "first" to have a certain attribute should not be mentioned. If the fact that this was the first of its kind is significant, it should be mentioned on the body of the article.

References[edit source]

If something is not an obvious reference, leave it out. If it is quite possible that a character, item, media, or other object is referencing multiple people, places, or events, do not include it. Only clear-cut references may be added.

Speculation[edit source]

No speculation is allowed on any article, let alone trivia sections. Any statement with a dubious level of certainty should either be removed or rephrased to reflect only what is factually correct and proven.

Neutrality[edit source]

No non-neutral information should be added to any article, let alone trivia sections. Neutrality should be preserved throughout all articles, and subjective or biased material should be removed.

For example:

Most people respect Iron Man.
It has never been established that "most people" respect Iron Man. As such, this statement is subjective and must be left out.