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This is a list of ideas for improvements to the wiki that have been suggested but which no editors are currently working on. Any interested users may take on one of these projects. You can suggest a project on this article's talk page.

  • Game knowledge is split into four main descriptions based upon the width and depth required - none, low, medium, high
  • Wikicode knowledge is given a few main qualifiers:
    • Basic - essentially just being able to write basic articles with any editor (VisualEditor guide)
    • Medium - being able to edit in source mode for better use of images and templates, or for easily bulk editing (source mode guide)
    • Advanced - being able to use more advanced source mode functions, from calculations to template parameters to subst and more
    • Modifiers - additions to mark specific things that you may need for editing
      • +DPL - best tackled with Dynamic Page Lists, either to generate lists needed, or in the solution (DPL guide)
      • +SMW - likely involves using Semantic MediaWiki
      • +Lua - will likely require writing/editing a Lua module (Lua guide)
      • +AWB - involves so many pages in a simple way that you should probably utilize AutoWikiBrowser (AWB guide)
      • +JS/CSS - involves writing/editing custom JavaScript and/or CSS
  • Project size is how big the project 'feels', thinking about things like how many pages it affects, how long each page will take, etc. A medium project may involve a quick edit to a large number of pages, or a significant edit to a single page.