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This page is a list of tasks that need performing regularly.

Maintenance categories[edit source]

Files or articles in the following categories are in need of improvement for various reasons: you can help by editing them to fix any issues which have been identified. You can add pages and images to these categories by editing them and adding the relevant maintenance templates.

Pages which need expanding
Pages which need improvement
Files which need cleanup

See Help:Editing/Introduction to GIMP and Help:Editing/Image transparency

Files which need retaking

See here for a guide on taking images

Pages with errors
Citations which need archival

This section reports the number of pages that are in the given maintenance special pages, limited to 100. The numbers will update with the cache of each page, usually every 24 hours.

Reacting to media[edit source]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a universe that is constantly updated: perhaps the most essential thing to be done on the wiki is documenting each update that occurs. Following media the most important thing to do is to write up any information that is found out about new content on relevant pages on the wiki.

  • Be bold and add any information that you can! You do not need to be an experienced editor to help with this; this kind of editing can be done easily in the default editor, which you can find a guide on how to use here. Special:Newpages may be helpful for finding pages relating to the latest released game updates.
  • If there is not an existing page for the content you want to write about then you may need to create a new page.
  • As pages are developed their contents should be formatted using templates.
  • Take images and add them to pages.

Documenting future media[edit source]

Information about planned future media that are in development can be documented on the wiki. This information is both interesting to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and helpful in preparing the wiki for the release of new media.

  • Any facts about future content which are revealed through Marvel sources should be added to the wiki; however any speculation about future updates is not allowed (see our future content policy for more information).
  • When writing about future content you should use the future tense and use references to show the source of any information you add. A guide on referencing can be found here.
  • The main place where future content information is collected is the upcoming media page. This page is used to list all future updates with their planned release dates, if these are known.
  • If a significant amount of information about a piece of future content is known and its name is confirmed then you may create a new page for it. Pages written about future content should have the template {{future content}} placed at the top of them.

Transcription[edit source]

Transcripts are pages dedicated to providing an exact copy of media transcripts. Transcripts are then linked to on pages which they are created for.

Improving navigation[edit source]

Searching the wiki can be unreliable. You can help users find the pages they are looking for by creating redirects. You may also edit and create navboxes.