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This page in a nutshell:
Content articles should contain a list of updates as well as other relevant historical information.

The historical information policy describes the various types of historical information which should be included in content articles (the mainspace, e.g. Thanos) as the preferred format and placement of this information.

Summary[edit source]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changes over time, and these changes are released in various forms. These changes can introduce new content and impact existing content both directly and indirectly. While the primary goal of any article is to document the subject's current state within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the wiki also has an interest in recording relevant historical information.

Appearance history[edit source]

Appearances of a piece of content should be documented on the relevant article(s) as follows:

  • Each appearance should be listed using the {{Appearance list}} template, including the media they appear in.
  • List items should be in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearances being added at the top.
  • UL line items should be nested within the {{Appearance history}} container template, which should be placed underneath an ==Appearance history== section header.
  • The Appearance history section should be located near the bottom of the article, above the Trivia and References sections but below the Gallery section (if applicable) and all other sections.
  • The first indented lines should have the appearance list template.

Some objects and characters have a large amount of appearances, such as Earth. Please use common sense when deciding which articles should receive UL entries for a given appearance.