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This page in a nutshell:
Only official information about future content may be added to articles, and all statements must be cited.

Information regarding future media can be speculative, tentative, or almost certain. In the latter case, this information usually comes from reliable sources such as official Marvel sources or certain in universe information. In these cases, the information is welcome; however, it must be made clear to readers and editors where this information comes from.

Official sources[edit source]

These sources can be considered reliable enough to cite information from for articles:

Images from these sources can be uploaded to the wiki, and should use the {{Fair use}} template with a link back to the original source, as well as Category:Upcoming media images.

Citing[edit source]

Main article: TS:CITE

Information that can be added[edit source]

Any information, even that which is subject to change, can be added if it can be cited and is specific.

  • Item names - Given by reliable sources
  • Locations including names of
  • Character names
  • Slated release dates - If an exact date is given. However, this should go in the body of an article, not the infobox. Save that parameter for when it actually happens.
  • Approximate release dates - Like above, if given with an official source. Again, these should only appear in the body of the article and not in the infoboxes.

Speculation of any kind is not allowed in articles. This includes making logical connections. No matter how true or plausible these statements may seem, they are still speculation.

Leaked sources, if from an official source, can be added to the wiki.

Writing about future content[edit source]

Articles written about future content should be written using future tense (words/phrases such as upcoming, will be, or is set to; rather than an unqualified statement, can be or is). As the content is not released, it makes no sense to suggest it exists.

All articles or sections about unreleased content should be marked as such. In most cases, articles will be entirely about future content, in which case {{Future}} should be added to the top of the article. Sometimes, only certain parts of the article are about unreleased content, in which case tagging a section rather than the whole article may be appropriate. Whatever the case, this information should be cited.

Some information that is readily available to all readers may not exactly be needed in a citation. On the other hand, producer/director tweets are not readily available. When these are used, they should be linked directly in the reference. It is not the readers' responsibility to trawl through posts that a producer/director makes to find the source, it is the responsibility of the editor who adds the information.

If, for whatever reason, the official name has not yet been released but sufficient information has been confirmed to warrant an article, refer to Tesseract:Unnamed content.