Ivan Vanko

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Ivan Antonovich Vanko (Russian: Иван Антонович Ванко) was a Russian physicist.

Born to the Soviet-era scientist Anton Vanko, Vanko was raised in the Soviet Union in poverty as a result of Howard Stark deporting his father back to the Soviet Union following his work on the Arc Reactor. Stark's decision sparked a feud between Vanko and Stark's son, Tony Stark. In 2009, following his father's death in Russia, Vanko attacked Stark in Monaco. Vanko's similar interests to Justin Hammer led to Hammer recruiting Vanko as an engineer; Vanko rejected Hammer's idea of a suit of armor capable of rivaling Stark's and developed a fleet of drones, later known as the Hammer drones. Vanko would use these drones to attempt to kill Stark.