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This is our list of previously rejected proposals for the Forum:Avengers Compound.

Wikians are not forbidden to re-raise these topics, but should note the reasons for why they will fail. Such re-raised proposals must consider these objections strongly and explicitly address arguments against those objections before proposing anything similar again.

Prevent unregistered users from editing[edit source]

  • Proposal: Disable/ban/prevent unregistered users from editing/moving pages on the wiki.
  • Reason for rejection:
    • The wiki is a place where anyone is allowed to edit, regardless of whether they are registered or not.
    • Users should assume good faith whenever possible.
    • We have other ways to block/ban unregistered users who vandalize this wiki.
    • Unregistered users should be allowed to make significant contributions to the wiki.
  • Conclusion: Unregistered users will not be prevented from editing this wiki (or a specific part of this wiki), unless the particular page/section/namespace has been protected per the protection policy.

Use videos in the mainspace[edit source]

  • Proposal: Embed videos in the article namespace.
  • Reason for rejection:
    • Videos are not easily changed. MediaWiki software and the concept of wikis are built around text, not video. Requiring recording and editing software, buying DVDs and video exporting, and video production skills goes against the idea of a community where "anyone can edit".
    • Videos require many times more bandwidth to download than an article composed of text and images, and cannot be quickly scrolled through or searched with a browser's find function.
    • If the video is narrated, hearing-impaired users will require captions or labels to be able to understand it, at which point it is no different from reading the article.
  • Conclusion: Videos are inferior to text and should not be added by our users.