Attack on the Statesman

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The attack on the Statesman was an attack carried out by Thanos and the Black Order on the refugee ship the Statesman.

Following the destruction of Asgard, the remaining Asgardian population boarded the Statesman. While headed to Earth, the Statesman was intercepted by Thanos, who massacred half of the Asgardians aboard the Statesman, including Heimdall. Loki, who hid the Tesseract, was also killed after attempting to stab Thanos; Thanos also destroyed the Tesseract and placed the Space Stone within it inside of his Infinity Gauntlet. After battling with Thanos, Hulk was sent to Earth by Heimdall, who informed Doctor Strange and Wong of Thanos' plan.

Background[edit | edit source]

As a result of Hela arriving on Asgard, Thor requested Loki unleash Surtur upon Asgard, destroying it and Hela in the process. The remaining Asgardians, meanwhile, boarded the Statesman, a Sakaaran ship large enough to hold all of the Asgardians on it.

Following the Xandarian massacre, Thanos obtained the Power Stone. Thanos located the Space Stone on the Statesman a week later.

The attack[edit | edit source]

Thanos, upon locating the Space Stone on the Statesman, intercepted the ship with the Sanctuary II.